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“I was hungry and you gave me something to eat … I was a stranger and you invited me in … I was sick and you looked after me … whatever you did for one of the least of these … you did for me.”Matthew 25:35-40 (NIV, abbreviated)

Building a ramp for a shut-in homeowner, sitting and laughing with a senior living alone, turning a jump rope for a kiddo during a summer Bible club, teaching a newly arrived refugee vocabulary for a supermarket excursion—simple yet powerful acts Workday performs.

We seek to manifest the love of Christ in places labeled “blighted” and to people deemed “undesirable” in our city. Workday gathers willing volunteers from local churches, colleges, small businesses and every place in between to provide basic home repairs and rich relationship for the poor and vulnerable. Whether it’s a skilled plumbing job to install a walk-in shower or a simple job of pulling weeds, we strive to provide servant hands and personal connections for “the least of these” in our neighborhood.

Workday strives to manifest the glory of Christ by meeting physical needs and building relational bridges.

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